5 Iconic Dresses Of All Time

“She can beat me, but she cannot beat my outfit.”
– Rihanna

Some designers took this statement seriously enough and designed dresses that became legendary. Actresses throughout the years have served us with some iconic looks. Some of these stayed with us even after the credits were rolled. Here are five of those looks that stirred some conversations in society.

1. Audrey Hepburn in BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S


A cult favorite look for a reason. The opening scene of the movie had Audrey stepping out of a taxi. She stands in front of a Tiffany display, sips her coffee, and eats her croissant. Wearing a tiara, pearl necklace, and gloves, to do a menial task might seem unnecessary. But we all could understand that stare, the stare of wanting something so badly. The dress was perfectly designed by Hubert de Givenchy. It accentuated Audrey’s waistline while keeping a romantic and elegant appeal. This dress can easily be incorporated into every woman's wardrobe. All you need is a simple LBD. “One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress.” – Karl Lagerfeld

2. Marilyn Monroe in THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH

Marilyn Monroe in THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH

You would be living under a rock if you are unaware of this iconic look. The still image from this movie is considered one of the most iconic images of the 20th century. In the scene, Monroe is wearing a light-colored dress and standing above the subway, when her dress gets blown by the wind. Throughout her life, Monroe graced our eyes with several iconic looks. And this dress tops all of them. She also thoroughly enjoyed filming the scene and people’s reactions.

3. Julia Roberts in PRETTY WOMAN

Julia Roberts in PRETTY WOMAN

Prostitution has degraded as a low-level profession. But little did you know, that this is one of the first professions. In this movie, Julia Roberts plays a prostitute, who meets a rich man. A classic girl meets a boy and falls in love, but with a twist. This movie was also about realizing your worth and not letting people walk over you. An iconic scene of this movie is when Julia goes back to a high-end store where she was ill-treated and gives them a taste of their medicine. “ Big Mistake, Huge” is a legendary dialogue indeed. A revolutionary movie for women, that accelerated Robert’s career as well. She wore a pretty red dress for her date at the Opera with an expensive necklace that became iconic.

4. Kate Winslet in TITANIC

Kate Winslet in TITANIC

You cannot talk about iconic dresses for women without talking about Kate Winslet in Titanic. Even if you are not a fan of romantic movies, you would have still seen TITANIC. Rose played by Kate, was supposed to marry a rich man. Until she meets Jack, an artist on the boat, and falls in love. She, unfortunately, loses Jack because of the tragedy where the iceberg gets hit by the boat. She might have lost the love of her life but found herself. In the movie, we saw a drastic difference between the upper class and the lower class. Upper-class people had lavish parties and meals whereas the lower-class people danced their hearts out to have fun. Kate wore an iconic embellished dress for one of the upper-class parties. The scene in which Kate is coming downstairs wearing an alluring embellished dress and Jack is stunned by looking at her will forever be one of the most iconic scenes in cinema.

5. Reese Witherspoon in LEGALLY BLONDE

Reese Witherspoon in LEGALLY BLONDE

This movie changed an age-old perception that “Blondes are Dumb”. A feminine and girly protagonist, Elle is heartbroken when her boyfriend dumps her because he is going to an IVY League College. With a broken heart, she gets into the same college to win him back. She later changes her plan from teaching him a lesson to creating an independent future for herself. It started as a rom-com but soon became a coming-of-age story. She wore a lot of pink dresses in the movie, to emphasize her feminine side. But the most remarkable pink dress from the movie came from its movie poster.

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