Dresses That Speak Your Sign: Pick the Perfect Dress Based on Your Zodiac (Part 2)

Welcome back, lovelies! In case you missed it, last week we started a series all about finding the perfect dress based on your zodiac sign. We kicked off with the first six signs in our previous post and now we will be covering the next six signs. 

Each zodiac sign has its own unique set of qualities and characteristics. And, as you probably know, these qualities influence every aspect of our lives – including our fashion choices. So, if you’re looking for a little guidance on what to wear, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to find out which casual dresses for women are perfect for you, based on your zodiac sign.

  1. Libra

Klepto, an urban shirt dress

Libras are known for their diplomacy, social grace and fun-loving nature. If you are a Libra, then you probably have a lot of friends and are always the life of the party. You are also probably very stylish and always have the perfect outfit for any occasion.

When it comes to fashion, Libras are all about balance and harmony. They tend to dress in classic and timeless styles that are both chic and elegant. Libras are also great at mixing and matching different pieces to create unique ensembles. That’s why we recommend Klepto, an urban shirt dress made with beautiful sheer fabric. 

  1. Scorpio

Slim Fit Modal Stretch Mini Dress

Scorpio is one of the most intense and emotional signs of the zodiac, and they are known for their deep, passionate nature. If you're a Scorpio, you probably know that you're not the type to settle for anything less than the best. So when it comes to finding the perfect dress, you want something that will make you look and feel your best.

One option for a Scorpio dress is something that is red or black. These colours are associated with power and passion, and they will help you to feel confident and stylish. Our Slim Fit Modal Stretch Mini Dress is a great pick with its striking look and vibrant colour palette.

  1. Sagittarius

Sandel Black Dress

Sagittarius is represented by the Archer, and this sign is all about being bold, adventurous, and fun. Our Sandel Black Dress is quite the perfect match with the unique geometric prints to make a statement look.

When it comes to fashion, Sagittarius individuals are known for their love of colour and pattern. They tend to gravitate towards clothes that are eye-catching and make a statement. So if you're looking for a dress that will turn heads, a Sagittarius-style dress is the way to go.

  1. Capricorn
Pash Black Printed Dress

The Capricorn Zodiac sign is known for being loyal, ambitious, and hard-working, which makes them the perfect candidates for success in any field. 

As far as fashion is concerned, the Capricorns are known for their classic and timeless style. They are not afraid to spend a little extra on quality pieces that will last them a lifetime. Our Pash Black Printed Dress is undoubtedly the best pick for you with its unique silhouette and comfortable maxi style.

  1. Aquarius

John dress

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, and those born under this sign are known for their intelligence, originality, and independent streak. If you're an Aquarius, you're probably looking for a dress that reflects your unique personality. And we've got just the thing. Our John dress is a wonderful match for you!

This fitted, floral dress is perfect for Aquarius. It's eye-catching and unique, just like you. And the best part? It's comfortable and easy to wear, so you can focus on having fun and being your amazing self.

  1. Pisces
Puff Sleeve High Neck Sheer Midi Dress

Pisceans are known for its compassionate and artistic nature. If you're a Pisces, you likely have a great sense of style. That's why we recommend our Puff Sleeve High Neck Sheer Midi Dress.

Pisces is attracted to dresses that are romantic and ethereal. Look for dresses with flowy fabrics and soft colours. Pisces also respond well to vintage styles. If you're a Pisces, look for a dress that makes you feel like a fairy princess.

It's official: finding your perfect dress is as easy as looking to the stars. In our second instalment of this series, we've provided you with a list of amazing dresses that align with your sign. And, to sweeten the pot, you can shop all these stunning dresses online. Whether you are looking for comfy and casual dresses for women or just a professional, you will find the perfect look.

So what are you waiting for? Get your favourite picks from Rareism and start dressing for success.